Larnaka Chamber

The Larnaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a non-profit organisation of around 400 members, who together fulfil our vision

The chamber is the body that provides credibility, safety and trust to every entrepreneur. It is the bridge and the network that every entrepreneur is looking for and looking forward to.


The Chamber abides by a central aim of realizing and enhancing the sustainability of Larnaka business. It constitutes a unifying voice for the established and emerging figureheads of Larnaka’s commercial and industrial sector. It is a hub that connects local businesses and a vital point of reference for island-wide and internationa stakeholders.


The Chamber’s funds are generated through memberships, sponsorships and events. The voluntary service of its members in the form of meetings, projects and events is an important facilitator for boosting Larnaka’s commercial and industrial profile.

The Chamber holds an important advocacy role as a representative of the private sector in liaisons with the Cyprus government ministries, semi-governmental organisations, municipalities and communities. It acts as an important indicator of Larnaka’s concerns in relation to pressing issues such as economic planning, public projects, taxation, regulation and tourism.

It also evaluates and proposes new marketing strategies for the city and issues certificates of origin and other authorisation documents for organisations in cooperation with Larnaka stakeholders. In collaboration with the Human Resources Development Authority, the Chamber also provides constructive networking and educational opportunities for its members in the form of seminars, presentations and interactive workshops.


Appreciation and respect for the diversity within Larnaka’s business sector

Promotion, guidance and support of local business activity

Dedication to Larnaka’s development and prosperity

Safeguarding of the Larnaka business community and its interests

Valuable professional development of its members and their employees/associates

Effective leadership in areas of policy, innovation and growth in order to influence Larnaka’s progression

Make your business part of something big

Join our growing business community and take your business to the next level