The Larnaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry operates within the framework of individual committees specializing in various elements of Larnaka business.

Among the committee members are board directors, CEO's, managers and entrepreneurs from the Larnaka district that in a spirit of goodwill, are dedicating great efforts towards improving Larnaka's business activity.

Experts of each Sector

The specialized committees are managed by experts of each sector and their responsibilities include the routine evaluation of their field in order to identify the relevant issues and challenges, brainstorm and pinpoint solutions and craft the strategy in order for new beneficial approaches to be implemented successfully.

This coincides with their independent market research and studies into Larnaka’s business activity in order to better equip its commercial and industrial leaders.

Evangelos Mouscos - Vice President of Commerce

Maria Miliotou - Deputy Vice President

Lazaros H” Forados

Christos Scordellis

Eleni Christou


Zenonas Apostolou - Vice President

Demetris Miscourides - Deputy Vice President

George Petrou

George Katodrytis

Vera Dianellou


Nakis Antoniou - Vice President of Services

George Hassapis - Deputy Vice President

George Demetriou

Nicolas Kyriakides

Valentinos Soteriou

Sara Gunnervik

Jelena Afxentiou

George Themistocleous

Michalis Kalopetrides


Loukas Louka - Vice President of Tourism

Antonis Orthodoxou - Deputy Vice President

Doros Eftimiou

Iraklis Zavos

Valentinos Soteriou

Vera Dianellou